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Grand 2 Post Lift Hydraulic Cylinder Seal kit TPO9A Chain Over 7-9K with Texas Cylinder


2 Post Lift Chain over Cylinder Seal Kit Fits Grand TEXAS brand cylinders

Lift Models: TP-7, TP-9, TPO9A, TPO7, TPO7A & OTHERS


Please refer to full description before placing your order!

Product Description

This Cylinder Rebuild Kit Fits Grand lift TP7 and TP9 TPO9 and other 7-9K lifts 2 Post  With a Texas Brand Cylinder.

Grand 2 Post Lift Models: TP-7, TP-9, TPO9A and others

Alt Part Number: GAD0THI-1


If your lift has a TEXAS HYDRAULICS cylinder in it, there should be a “T” or “TXT” stamped on it. 

This seal kit is for Texas cylinder used in grand lifts that have a 2.5″ ID inside the cylinder tube, a 1.5″ chrome shaft, and have a 36″ stroke from collapsed to extended. See illustration of cylinder for more specifics.

Please ask questions before ordering , as there are multiple version of 2 Post Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuild / Packing Kit / Seal KitS that grand had on each model lift.

Our seal kits come in a sealed clear bag. Warning! Do not open bag until your verify you have the right seal kit once your cylinder is torn down. Simply remove your old seals from your cylinder and match them up by holding them next to new seals in bag.  If they appear similar inside and outside diameter then you have the correct seals. If your not sure please call us before opening the bag. We will not except returns from open /used seals because you didn’t verify fitment first.
Call our customer service hotline @ 866-902-6060 if you need help identifying which seal kit is best for you!

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × .6 in


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