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Lower Cable Pulley / Sheave FORWARD 2 Post Auto Lift DP-97 DP09 DP97A 995030


Forward 2 Post Car Lift Lower Cable Pulley on Overhead lift, Upper Pulley on Floor Plate Models

Forward Lift # 995030

Alternate Part #  BH-7235-00

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Product Description

This is a LOWER Cable Pulley for FORWARD 2 post lifts made in the last 30 years. Some forward lifts had steel pulleys and some had plastic pulleys that fall apart and can be a hazard.
This is an UPGRADED solid steel pulley with a bronze bushing in the center for durability and better load bearing characteristics. This pulley will most likely outlast the rest of your lift. It is a direct fit and doesn’t require any modification to install into your lift.
We recommend upgrading all plastic pulleys to steel. This Pulley only fits the 2 bottom pulley positions on forward lifts located in the base of the upright columns. On floor plate model lifts this may be the top pulley if the lift has a single pulley up top. See our other listing for the bottom pulleys for these floor plate models.
The best way to make sure this pulley will fit your lift is by measuring the outside diameter and inside diameter/ pin diameter of your current pulley.  This cable pulley as a 6″ OD and has a 1-3/8″ pin hole diameter.

   Fits the following models –   dp07a , dpo7 , dp09 , dpo9a , dpo9a2 , dpo9s , dpo9s2 dp97 , dp97a, DP97A2 , dp97s , dp97s2 9000a , 9000an, 9000b, 9000a, 8000a, 8000b, 7000 & other earlier model forward car lifts

Forward Lift # 995030

Alternate Part #  BH-7235-00


Additional information

Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 7 × 4 × .625 in


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