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Bendpak PR9CX Cable / Magnum PR9CX 2 post Auto Lift Cable 5595145


ONE Equalization cable for Bend Pak Lift / Magnum 2 Post Car Lifts

Fits Model #Bendpak standard height M# PR7CX, PR7ACX, PR9CX, PR9ACX WITH STANDARD 144″ COLUMN HEIGHT

Bendpak part numbers 5595145

See below for full product description 

Product Description

1x high quality USA built equalization cable for many Bendpak Auto Lift model PR9CX Lift (standard height version)

Bendpak 5595145
Alternate # BH-7475-06A 

MAKE SURE  COLUMN HEIGHT IS 144″ and width outside of baseplate to outside of base plate is 145.5″ as these lift were sold in different dimensions 

Make sure Threaded Area on end of cables is 5/8″ diameter. Some early version of this lift came with smaller thread

Some of these lifts were labeled Magnum and they fit the Following Magnum Car Lift as well:

Fits Magnum PR9-CX or PR9CX

 If you need assistance with identifying which cables you need CALL 866-902-6060 

These cables are high quality cables made in the USA which have been pull tested for strength. They will meet or exceed factory specifications.

Bendpak lift Equalizer cables 

Bendpak Car Lift Rope Cables / Magnum Car Lift Rope Cables

Benpak Lift Parts Bend Pak Car Lift Parts , Magnum Lift equalizer cables

Additional information

Weight 130 oz
Dimensions 11 × 10 × 2 in


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