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Parking Lift Cable for ProPark 7 & 8S Direct-Lift PP7-2001 Wire Rope


Direct ProPark 7 & Pro Park 8S Lift Lifting Cable For A 4 Post  / Direct Parking Lift Cable Wire Rope

Direct-Lift PP7-2001

Garage Storage Lift Wire Rope / Replacement Cable

See Below for Full Product Description and Fitment Details

Product Description

1 Lifting cable for Direct Lift 4 Post Storage Lift M# Direct ProPark 7 & Direct Pro Park 8S standard height lifts.

Direct Lift PP7-2001

This cable is the cable that runs to the left rear column of the lift when lift is installed in standard orientation ( power unit / motor would be on left front of lift in standard orientation as well) #51 in diagram (see last photo)

This cables fits late model lift that have adjustable lock ladders ( inside back of each post there will be a plate with squares holes cut in that can be adjusted up and down to allow lock height to be changed) Verify that the locks are adjustable as there is an early and late version of this lift. Also Verify your post height

IF you have a 7k PROPARK 7 (new style) height of column is 86.5″

If you have a PROPARk 8S cable height is 81.5″

Direct Car Lift Parts / Cable / Wire Rope/ Lifting eq cable for 4 post home hobby Lift / hoist

 If you need assistance with identifying which cable you need CALL 866-902-6060

Additional information

Weight 95 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in


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