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Rotary lift 2 Post Black Plastic Lock Cover Handle / Power Side Rotary Replaces FJ7452


Replaces Rotary Lift Part # FJ7452

Alternate #’s  GP1010, fj7452 BH-7502-51

Rotary Lift Safety Lock cover for the power unit side of the auto lift

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Product Description

This is a Rotary 2 Post Auto Lift Lock Cover w/ Hardware Included. This aftermarket replacement cover fits most  Rotary 2 Post lifts with single point lock release system (aka both locks can be released from one side by pulling down on a lock release handle and ball).This cover is slotted and  has the lock release handle going through the middle of it. This rotary lift lock cover not only keeps fingers and foreign objects away from the lock system, but plays an integral part in applying pre- tension to the lock release cable and system. The lock release system can not be adjusted properly without the power side cover installed. Many times these are cut or modified to make release or damaged because of other lock release related issues. If your cover has been modified in any way it will cause problems with the lock release system and needs replacement.

Replaces Rotary Lift part # FJ7452

Alternate #’s  GP1010, fj7452 BH-7502-51

Fits Many Models including:

SPO84, SPOA84, AR94, SP94, SPO94, SPOA84C, AR98, ARO98, spo82, spoa82, sp88, sp98, spo88, SPOA88, DCOA7, SPOA98, AR9, ARO9, SP7, SPO7, SPOA7, SP9, SPO9, SPOA9, TLO7, SPO12-10, SPOA10, SPOA10N400, SPOA10N300, SPOA10N500


We also have the offside or non handle side and a complete kit with both power side and offside covers and hardware for this style lift. Please see below in related items.

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Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 6 in


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