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182961 Tire Changer Plastic Insert Protector Metal Mount Head Duck head 5pk FITS: Coats ®


Plastic Insert Protector Metal Mount Head Duckhead 5pk 182961 Fits Coats®* Tire Changer

Replaces Coats®* 8182963

Alternate Part number: 182961, TI182963

Found in Coats®* Model: 5030, 5040, 5050, 5060, 5065, 5070, 6050, 6060, 6065, 7050, 7055,7060, 7065, 7655, 7660, 7665, 70x eh1, 70xeh2, baseline®* BL200 BL300 BL400 BL500

Please See Description Below for Full Details on this Product

Product Description

This is a set of 5 white nylon / plastic clip on style head inserts used in many Coats®* Branded  tire changer mount demount heads. These inserts clip over the roller in many steel mount heads and protect wheels from scraping and gouging due to the metal head contacting the wheel. These are found in many mount heads that are used on most 50XX series, 60XXseries, & 70XX series production models as well as Baseline®* 200 300 400 & 500 series.

 These inserts snap over most steel roller wheels in Coats®* branded heads and add extra insurance when dealing with delicate wheels by protecting the front edges of the wheel. They are made of a heavy duty nylon material to endure abuse

We have other style inserts listed  as well if you don’t have a clip on style insert or don’t have a roller in you head.  Please look at photos and compare to your current insert and head for fitment before ordering.

Plastic Insert Protector Metal Mount Head Duckhead 5pk Fits in 182961 Coats®* Tire Changer

Alternate Part number: 182961, TI182963

Replacement for Coats®* 182961 Tire Changer Plastic Insert Protector

Found in Coats®* Model: 5030, 5030a, 5030e, 5040, 5040a, 5040e, 5050, 5050a, 5050e, 5060, 5060a, 5060e, 5060ax, 5060ex, 5065, 5065a, 5065e, 5065ax, 5065ex, 5070, 5070a, 5070e
6050, 6050a, 6050e, 6050ax, 6050ex, 6060, 6060ax, 6060ex, 6065, 6065a, 6065e, 6065ax, 6065ex
7050, 7050ax, 7050ex, 7055, 7055ax, 7055ex, 7060, 7060ax, 7060ex, 7065, 7065ax, 7065ex, 7655, 7655ax, 7655ex, 7660, 7660ax, 7660ex, 7665, 7665ax, 7665ex, 70x eh1, 70x eh2, 70x ah1, 70x ah2
apx 80, apx80a, apx80e, apx90, apx90a, apx90e


Note please look at your head and insert shape to ensure fitment before ordering. If you don’t see your model look at our other listings for inserts

If you need help determining what you need call us @ 866-902-6060 and we will be glad to help.


*COATS® and DUCKHEAD® are registered trademarks of Hennessy Industries, Inc. CARLIFTPARTS is not associated in any way with Hennessy Industries, Inc.
**All names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are used for reference purposes only. It is not implied that any part listed is the product of these manufacturers.

Disclaimer – The parts we offer ARE an O.E. alternative; they are NOT produced by O.E. Manufacturers such as Ammco ®*, Coats ®*, or similar manufacturers, respectively.

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × .68 in


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