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Forward Lift Upper Cable Pulley / Sheave 995020 for 2 Post Auto Lift fits DP97, DP97A, DP09A


Forward Lift Cable Pulley / Sheave 995020 for 2 Post Auto Lift

Forward Lift Part # 995020

Alternate # BH-7235-00

Fits Models – DP07A , dpo7 , dp09 , dpo9A , dpo9A2 , dpo9S , dpo9S2 dp97 , dp97A, DP97A2 , dp97A , dp97S2 9000A , 9000AN, 9000B, 9000A, 8000A, 8000B, 7000 & Other early model lifts

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Product Description

 This is a UPPER Cable Pulley for many model Forward  2 post lifts made in the last 30 years. These are the pulleys located at the top of 2 post forward hoist with overhead beams. Some forward lifts had steel pulleys and some had plastic pulleys that fall apart and can be a hazard. This is an UPGRADED solid steel pulley with a bronze bushing in the center for durability and better load bearing characteristics. This pulley will most likely outlast the rest of your lift. It is a direct fit and doesn’t require any modification to install into your lift. We recommend upgrading all plastic pulleys to steel. This Pulley only fits the 4 overhead/top pulley positions on forward lifts. See our other listing for the bottom pulleys.
 Fits the following models –   DP07a , DPo7 , DP09 , DPo9a , DPo9a2 , DPo9s , DPo9s2 DP97 , DP97a, DP97A2 , DP97s , DP97s2 9000a , 9000an, 9000b, 9000a, 8000a, 8000b, 7000 & other early model lifts.
Forward Lift #  995020
Alternate # BH-7235-00
The best way to make sure this pulley will fit your lift is by measuring the outside diameter and inside diameter/ pin diameter of your current pulley.  This cable pulley as a 4-3/4″ OD and has a 1-3/8″ pin hole diameter.
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Additional information

Weight 44 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 4 × 1.5 in


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