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GHS Motor Switch Up Button & Actuator For Power Unit Auto Car Lift P1423


Global Hydraulic  Systems Lift Motor Switch / Up Button & Actuator For GHS Power Unit

Fits GHS model hydraulic power unit for car lift

GHS-P1423 & BH-7503-65S

220v volt switch for up button / raise button & actuator on 2 post and 4 post auto lifts

 See Below for Full Product Details and Fitment

Product Description

This is a motor electrical micro switch & actuator made for (GHS) Global Hydraulic System Automotive lift power units. It controls the hydraulic motor and is the Up / Raise button for many lifts. It came in many OEM application on motors in Rotary lift, Forward Lift, Direct Lift, Hanmecson Lift. It was used in motors built by Global Hydraulic Systems (GHS). Please see below for OEM part # reference.
GHS/ Global Hydraulic Systems # P1423, 1423
Alternate Part Number: BH-7503-65S 
 This Switch has a max rating of 270vac is rated for 25amps and is usually found on 208-230vac motors
This Actuator is approximately 1/2 inch in diameter. It is the green button you push to make you lift raise.  
The switch has 2 male spade connectors sticking out of the side and bottom and has a small plastic button on the top of it which is what actuates the switch. There are 2 holes diagonally from each other in the corner of the switch for mounting into the housing. These are mounted in a switch housing which is what you are actually pressing when raising the lift. These switch housing are many times green in color and are threaded for mounting in the face plate of the power unit. 
Most of the time when these switches fail, they either burn out at the terminal or can stick on and continually run the motor. Your old switch can be tested with a simple continuity test to identify if the switch is the cause of your problems. This switch is Normally open and closes the circuit when pressed.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1 in


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