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Power Unit Replacement Rotary Lift Switch Up Button Raise Push Motor Switch


Rotary Car Lift Electric Switch / Push Button Replacement for Hoist

Found on Hydraulic Power Unit Made by fenner stone spx barnes doer emerson

Part Numbers Rotary Lift- P461-2, Fj7108-2, 

Alernate Part Numbers 1258-aa, P461-2, Fj7108-2 bh-7004-19

See Description Below for Full Product Details 

Product Description

This is a heavy duty motor electrical micro switch that will fit MANY Rotary lift power units. It controls the hydraulic motor and is the Up / Raise button for many lifts. It came in many OEM application on motors many Rotary lifts It was used in motors built by SPX, Fenner Stone, Monarch, Barnes, Doer, Emerson, and used in other brand motors as well that rotary used. Please see below for OEM part # reference.

  • Fenner -1288AA
  • Monarch- 0352
  • MTE- 69210023
  • Rotary Lift- P461-2, Fj7108-2, 
  • SPX -1258-AA
  • SVI- bh-7004-19

This Switch  is rated for 25amps and is usually found on 208-230vac motors but can be used on 110v also

It has 3 screw terminals on the back/ bottom of the Micro switch where wires are connected (wires typically only connected to 2 out the 3 terminals).  The terminals are usually marked “NO” “NC” “COMMON” or “COM” and the switch can be set up for normally open or normally closed operation.The front of the switch has a metal button/ plunger which is what actuates the switches operation. The plunger goes into a brass colored housing which has threads and nuts allowing the switch to be mounted to the face plate/ cover of the motor. This switch can also be waterproofed by adding a protective rubber cover over the plunger area of the switch if your lift is outside. Call for details on cover. These switches are high quality units meeting all electrical codes and requirements. All our switches have been 10,000 press tested to ensure long life. 

Replacement Rotary Car Lift Electric Switch / Push Button for Hoist

Most of the time when these switches fail, they either burn out at the terminal or can stick on and continually run the motor. Your old switch can be tested with a simple continuity test to identify if the switch is the cause of your problems. This switch can be wired Normally open or Normally closed depending on what terminals are used

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 1 × 2 × 3 in


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