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Fenner Stone SPX Powerunit / Motor & Pump for Car Lift COMPLETE


Auto lift Hydraulic Powerunit

Brand: fenner stone spx

Model: Most 2 post car lifts 7-11k LB

Part # AC-10AH

See below for full product description and fitment details!

Product Description

SPX Stone Auto Lift 2 Post Hydraulic Power Unit SPX AC-10AH

Complete replacement hydraulic Power unit for most lifts or hoists.  Includes hydraulic tank, pump, motor & switch. Made by SPX Stone (Fenner) brand which are built in the USA, and have been the brand of choice for all major lift manufacturers for the past 30 years. 

  • Compatible with almost any 2-post lift up to11,000 lbs. capacity (and many 12k 2-post), and 4-post lifts up to 14,000 lbs. capacity. Also compatible with in-ground high pressure style lifts made by Wheeltronic, Western, Rotary, and Challenger.
  • ETL Certified.
  • 2.1 Gallons per Minute flow rate.
  • 208-230 volt single phase. 60 hz.
  • 2 hp 3450 rpm motor (3.5 hp motor torque equivalent).
  • 4 gallon tank.
  • Compatible with standard hydraulic oil or Dexron II transmission fluid .
  • Cartridge type high pressure relief valve, 2755 psi.
  • Pump outlet can be on either side of unit to allow pressure line to be mounted in the same manor your current power unit uses..
  • 3/8″ pipe thread port for lifts that have a cylinder vent return to tank.
  • Universal mounting bracket.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • Made in the USA.

Can replace many of the following brands of power units: Fenner, SPX, Stone, MTE, Barnes, Global Hydraulics, Monarch, Haldex, Duro, and others.

OEM / Aftermarket Interchanges:

  • BH-7520-08, BH-7006A-19, BH-7006A-18, BH-7006A-17, BH-7006A-16, BH-7006A-15, BH-7006A-14, BH-7006A-13, BH-7006-01LS-19, BH-7006-01LS-18, BH-7006-01LS-17, BH-7006-01LS-16, BH-7006-01LS-15, BH-7006-01LS-14, BH-7006-01LS-13, BH-7006-19, BH-7006-18, BH-7006-17, BH-7006-16, BH-7006-15, BH-7006-14, BH-7006-13 .
  • FA781
  • P461, P502, P602, P650, P702, P709, P750, P1002, P1350, P1352, P1302, P3302 .
  • AB-1468, AB1270, 17300001
  • 992028
  • 5585285
  • 31368-19

This Power Unit does not have a “cable pull” overhead high-limit switch installed… If your lift has this style pull cable switch in the top of the switch box, you will need to transfer this from your old power unit.

Car Lift Power Unit , Auto Lift Pump, Hydraulic Pump for Lift / Hoist

WARNING: Replacing the hydraulic power unit DOES NOT INCREASE THE RATED CAPACITY OF THE LIFT! Never lift more than the rated capacity of any lift as structural failure WILL occur!

Always ensure fitment before ordering by calling 866-902-6060

Additional information

Weight 720 oz
Dimensions 40 × 12 × 12 in


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