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Leveling Shims 2 Post & 4 Post Surface Mount Auto Lifts 30 Shim kit Installation


Automotive Lift Installation Leveling Shims for 4 Post and 2 Post Auto Lifts.

30 pack of Leveling Spacers for use when installing 2 Post and 4 Post Car Hoist


10 x 1/16″ blue shims

10x 1/8″ red shims

10x 1/4″ black shim.

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Product Description

2 Post Lift Leveling Shims / 4 Post Car Lift Shim Kit / Auto Lift Level Parts

This is an installation Shim kit used on many 2 post and 4 post Above ground lifts during installation. These shims are made of durable plastic and designed to handle most load range lifts when installed under the base of the columns. They are U shaped to fit around 5/8 and 3/4 wedge anchors. With this shim kit you can level / plumb all columns of the lift you are installing which ensures proper operation of load bearing and safety related parts on the lift and prevents premature wear of critical parts.

This is a 30 piece shim kit! -10 shims in three different thicknesses – 1/16″ blue shims , 1/8″ red shims, 1/4″ black shim.

            We install at least 2 lifts a day with this exact kit so we know it works !

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 2 in


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